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About me

Welcome! This is my photographic website, which features images of the natural world taken largely on a small Welsh island called Bardsey. Please take a look at the various galleries, and I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. 

I am a young wildlife enthusiast and passionate wildlife photographer, and live on the small island of Bardsey, off the coast of North Wales. I have always been interested in wildlife, in particular birds, and have been taking pictures of the natural world since I was about eight. After my family and I moved to Bardsey Island in 2007, my interest in birds and photography deepened significantly.

I have now lived on this small Welsh island for eight years, being homeschooled through my GCSEs and A Levels, whilst gradually becoming more and more involved with the work of Bardsey Bird and Field Observatory. Largely thanks to the influence of the BBFO, I am now an enthusiastic moth recorder, a C permit holder for bird ringing, and a very keen birder. During my time on Bardsey Island, I have been capturing images of its birdlife, as well as the insects and plants that inhibit its rocky coast and vegetated interior.

I have been fortunate to feature in a number of national photography competitions, coming Runner Up in the RSPCA photography competition 2014, with Highly Commended and Shortlisted images in the 2014 British Wildlife Photography Awards. My images have featured in various publications, such as Birdwatch, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Natur Cymru and British  Birds. 


The pictures on this website were taken with a mix of different cameras and lenses. I have upgraded and changed my equipment a few times in the last five years, but I will outline below which lenses were used to take the majority of pictures on my website.


Canon EOS 7Dmk II

Canon 300mm f2.8 USM

Canon 16-35mm f4 

Canon 1.4x converter III

Sigma 105mm f2.8 USM

Panasonic Lumix G80

Lumix 12-60mm

Manfrotto 190XPROB

Wimberley tripod head mount

GoPro Hero3

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