Sail Against Plastic - Ben Porter Wildlife Photography

A Message from the Arctic

In June 2018 I joined a pioneering student-led research expedition to the icy archipelago of Svalbard in the Arctic circle. The aim of our Sail Against Plastic expedition was to highlight the hidden threats that marine plastics and noise pollution pose in this seemingly 'pristine' environment.

Bringing together 25 scientists, sailors, photographers, artists and film-makers, we spent two weeks aboard the tallship Blue Clipper  trawling for microplastics in the water, surveying the open sea for large floating plastics, testing the air for microplastic fibres, listening for underwater noise pollution and conducting beach cleans.

By bringing together such a varied crew  under one sail (excuse the pun), our hope was to combine the team's skills  to bring the message about what is happening to the Arctic to a wider audience back home. 

We hope to create a legacy with a long-lasting, meaningful impact that goes above and beyond publishing scientific papers. This gallery documents some of our findings, and some of the spectacular wildlife this fragile region of Earth contains. Please see our expedition website for more information about the trip:




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