Ynys Enlli

Bardsey Island, or Ynys Enlli in Welsh, holds a special place in my heart. Having visited this magical island off the North Wales coast since I was a young child, I then spent 11 years of my life growing up here with my family after taking on the role of running the island farm in 2007. Lying in the swirling tides off the Llyn Peninsula, this island is home to some spectacular wildlife through all seasons, and its ever-changing seas and weather ensure there's never a dull moment. Life is governed by the weather, both making for a refreshing change to our technologically-dependent modern-day lives, but also making for a very challenging environment at times. No words or images can fully do justice to the feel and experience of being in this place, but I hope you enjoy this selection from the isle and are able to try visiting to experience Enlli for yourself.              

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